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Our Chapter, the Pi Rho Chapter.


Back in the Spring of 2008 at the University of Massachusetts, a group of students in the Isenberg School, decided that there was something missing from the business school community. While there were clubs for marketing majors, stock trading, hospitality students, and honors candidates, there was no association for all business students. What the soon-to-be Deltasigs wanted was a way to get like-minded students together in the bigger picture, to create bonds that would last through college and beyond, some might say they wanted brotherhood.

So, in May of 2008, the Pi Rho Chapter of the International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi was chartered. What was a small group in 2008 would grow massively over the next decade. 



Today, the chapter is over 10 years old. While we are still among the younger chapters in our province, our program has really excelled here at UMass' Flagship Campus. Our chapter ranges from 70 - 95 collegiate members depending on the semester, and our pledge classes typically number in the teens. Our executive committee has expanded to include 16+ officer and director positions, which are often filled by brothers from many different majors, academic years, and backgrounds. 

Our chapter now strives to serve not only the students amongst our ranks, but also our school and the community that we live in! We host many professional, community service, and social events and we also send a large group of brothers to our national LEAD conferences each semester. 

In recent years, our chapter has been recognized several times for our excellence by our national body. In 2017, we were recognized as a Chapter of Excellence, the highest classification a chapter can attain. We have also been recognized two years in a row as the highest contributor in our province towards our national philanthropy, the Ronald McDonald House.

Our chapter is on a roll, but the future of Pi Rho looks even further up. We hope to grow our presence within the Isenberg School and Economics Department in the coming years in order to better serve our members, our peers, and our community. 


Faculty Deltasigs

Our chapter isn't just made up of collegiate brothers! Over the years we have initiated several members of our faculty into Delta Sigma Pi. Our faculty members are brothers just like us and are a hugely supportive to our growth and success.


Traci hess

Traci Hess is a PhD Coordinator and Professor of Information Systems in the OIM department. She holds a PhD in Information Systems from Virginia Tech and has been awarded several times for her research. 


Sean Wandrei

Sean Wandrei is a Lecturer of Taxation in the Isenberg Department of Accounting. He received his Masters Degree in Taxation from the University of Hartford, and has also been featured in the Business West 40 Under Forty publication!


Nora Junaid

Nora Junaid is a Lecturer of Operations and Information Management at Isenberg. She received her PhD in Business from Bentley University and has made huge strides in the OIM department through her teaching style.


Bob Lowry

Bob is a Professor known for his Intro to Entrepreneurship class. He is an alum of UMass Amherst and is also the founder of popular local Mexican food chain, Bueno Y Sano!


Nelson Lacey

Nelson Lacey is a Professor of Finance at Isenberg. He received his PhD from Penn State University and has been previously honored as an Outstanding Department Chair in the Isenberg School.


Bradley Bennett

Bradley Bennet is an Assistant Professor of Accounting at Isenberg, notably teaching Financial Accounting for Freshmen in the Business R.A.P. on campus. He earned his PhD from the University of Alabama, and has since been recognized for his teaching excellence.


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