Dare to be a Deltasig.

Delta Sigma Pi follows the Greek tradition of hosting Recruitment (Rush) Week, and then assigning bids for pledgeship to those candidates found to stand out amongst the rest. If you decide to accept your bid, you will participate in a pledging process for the majority of the semester. If and when you prove yourself worthy and dedicated to Delta Sigma Pi, you may be initiated into our brotherhood.

Delta Sigma Pi recruits at the beginning of each semester. Check out our recruitment schedule if you are interested in applying for a bid. Applications will open at the beginning of recruitment week and will close at a designated time towards the end of the week. Applications will not be accepted late, and interviews will not be given to anyone without a completed application.

Applicant Requirements

Applicants must be an undergraduate in the Isenberg School of Management as a Finance, Accounting, Marketing, OIM, Management, Sport Management, HTM, or Undecided major, or be a Res-Econ or Econ major. Students on the Exploratory track in Isenberg will not be considered.



SUNDAY 9/15: Info Session/Meet the Officers (7PM) Business Casual

MONDAY 9/16: Professional Event (7PM) Business Casual

TUESDAY 9/17: Think Tank (7PM) Casual

WEDNESDAY 9/18: Meet the Brothers (7PM) Casual

THURSDAY 9/19: One-on-Ones (7PM) Casual

SUNDAY: 9/22: Interviews (9AM-12PM) Business Professional

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